Platform Features


The QRSag Platform enables retailers consolidate customer data in connection with their business activities. Retailers can have suppliers, source systems, social media portals and lead generators, connect with their choice of CRM system.

The core data exchange facilitates a standard schema, data set, and business workflows for Stock, Customers, Ownerships, Leads and Appriasals (Appraisals). All data is normalized into platform standardized data sets.


Data Inputs are standardized to facilitate matching between various systems and nomenclatures. Data processes is scheduled and maintained through a full scope service agreement, and the platform facilitates activity logging, activity history, and change management.

Data formats and structure supported are EDI, various delimited flat files, XLS files, XML, Email attachments, HTML and JSON; and data can be transformed and mapped into and out of the platform. New Data streams added into the the platform based upon customer request, QRS Continues to add new data providers into the platform to facilitate consumption by the industry.


Dashboards and both in-app and external notification functionality provides operational snapshots and error/warning alerts for processes, records, workflows, and performance.

Reports can be generated and data analysis can be performed for Customer, Branch, Brand Ownership, stock, lead status and Data source performance. Performance metrics are tracked for all platform accounts. The platform can calculate derivative data for use in performance and best practices analysis and recommendations.



Small Businesses may find it expensive to manage and maintain an integrated Finance, CRM or Sales Management System, QRS Applications gateway makes it possible to achieve the impossible. Applications gateway is focussed towards Small Businesses like – Automotive Dealerships, Small Retailers, Selling Agents, Individual Traders, Financiers, Syndicators and Brokers..etc.. Speak to us and you will be pleasantly surprised to know that you can do what every other billion dollar company is doing. Quite simply – Its possible

The world of technology is so disruptive; Making decisions become quite a challenge, It can be fast-paced, scary and expensive. That’s why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company’s needs. No matter the budget, no matter the size, we pride ourself on providing professional customer service.


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